Clem Clempson
Adrian Askew

Adrian Askew began playing in Blues Bands in Sheffield, North England, at the tender age of 14, first on guitar, and then (after his Gretch ‘Chet Atkins’ Guitar was stolen) on Piano and Hammond Organ, having been made to have piano lessons from an early age.

He moved to London in the late 60’s, and became a session player, playing live and in the studio for pop groups like The Walker Brothers, The Hollies, Eddison Lighthouse, and the so called ‘Dagenham Motown’ style groups like The Foundations, Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon and The Equals.

In the early 70´s, after playing a lot in the famous ‘Top Ten Club ‘ ,in Hamburg, he moved to Germany to live, and played with many of the Top Groups there. Inga Rumpf and Atlantis, Lucifers Friend, Lake, Elephant to name but a few.

He also played a lots of sessions for many German artists, Gitta Haenning, Rudolf Rock & die Schocker, Achim Reichel, Truckstop and many more.

Moving on to Arranging, Producing, Writing and after having some chart success, he was in demand to write music for commercials, and then, quite successfully for TV and Cinema, winning the ‘ECHO’ for Classic Music in 2006 for the TV series ‘Little Amadeus’.

After a long break from playing live, he joined the ‘Hamburg Blues Band’ in 2008, and when their permanent ‘guest’ guitarist Clem Clempson left to form his own group, Adrian left with him.

The beat goes on!

Reggie Worthy

Reggie got his first bass at the age of 11, forming his first band while still at school, in New Jersey USA, and was soon making his studio session debut. Studied music at Rutgers University, New Brunswick and after finishing his studies moved to Los Angeles where he joined the legendary Ike and Tina Turner Soul Review. He moved to Germany and worked with Eric Burdon, Udo Lindenburg, Inga Rumpf, Stefan Gwyldis and Stoppok.

Eddie Filipp

Eddie Filipp was born in Poland where he started to play the drums at the age of 13. Two years later he and his family moved to Germany. After he finished school he started a notable career as a professional musician. He has worked as a live- and studio-drummer in various styles with: Bahama Soul Club, Inga Rumpf, Sweet, Hannes Wader, Lake, Alex Conti, Ju Ju Orchestra, Marialy Pacheco Trio, Dietmar Osterburg Trio, Deborah Sasson, Orange Blue, Britta Rex, Dave Goodman, Hamburg Blues Band, Mario Guaneri and many others.

Since 2001 he has his own studio and works also as a producer on different projects. Last year he released his first solo album ‘Caras’.

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